# System Requirements

Due to OctoFarms code base it's very system agnostic. However the database requires a 64-bit system. OctoFarm requires an always on device to function to it's full capabilities. It will work fine but you run the risk of OctoFarm not capturing history / other statistics.


OctoFarm does not require internet access! but some features may / may not work without it.

# Application Requirements

  • NodeJS - v14.16.1 (We only support the LTS versions, currently V14)
  • MongoDB - v3.6+
  • OctoPrint - v1.3.9+

# Hardware and Software

You will need an always on piece of physical hardware to setup this configuration but everything you need for OctoFarm is all installed on a single device. You can install any of the OctoFarm docker packages or use one of the installation instructions below to setup the production method.

# Hardware

OctoFarm can be used on (but not limited to) the following devices:

  • Single Board Computer ie. > Raspberry Pi 3b+
  • Desktop PC / Server

# Operating System Recommendations

OctoFarm itself can be installed on (but not limited to) the following systems:

  • Ubuntu / Other Linux Variant
  • Microsoft Windows 10 / Server
  • MacOS (Not tested)