# Getting Started

# System Requirements

First it's best to take a look at OctoFarms system requirements. Make sure you have what's required to get the system up and running.

System Requirements

# Setting up your OctoPrint instances

Before OctoFarm can connect to your OctoPrint instances there's a few setup instructions you must follow to allow OctoFarm to secure a connection.

Setting up OctoPrint

# Installing OctoFarm

There are a miriad of supported systems for OctoFarm and all are covered in our installation documentation. You may require some system knowledge for the specific system you want to install OctoFarm on but in the majority of cases these are copy and paste commands.

Check out our install instructions for more information and system specific guides.

Installation Instructions

# Having issues?

Please check out our F.A.Q section before posting an issue on github. You can also reach out to us at any of the below places.